Website of ‘Aid For
The Tasmanian Devil’

because, since 1996, over 80% of this iconic marsupial on Tasmania have been wiped out by Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), a contagious cancer.



Why do I need help?

Save The Tasmanian devil Appeal tassiedevil.com.au has research and fieldwork programmes in place which have initiated successful schemes of quarantining healthy Tassies, and so increasing their numbers, and have developed a vaccine to immunise them before their release back into the wild.

what’s being done to help?


So, What’s This site about?

Well, we are proud supporters of:





And we have written this booK TO HELP THE CAUSE


in which …

Deep in the undergrowth, somewhere in Tasmania, all is not as it seems, or as it should be … A marsupial with medicinal knowledge of the herbs she collects is eager to help two other marsupials in need … the problem is that they are potential predators and she’s the potential prey …


Circumstances, in the shape of a gang of other, more menacing marsupials,
throw this troubled trio into an unlikely alliance …

Our aim is to raise funds to help the Appeal.
Every penny of profit from the sales -
over £2000 so far - has been sent.

You can kindly add to this by buying a copy for £10 (A$25) including p&p.

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